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A few days in Montréal 

Let me start by saying, I am no expert on Montréal. We stopped in Montréal for three nights on our way back to Los Angeles from Iceland. If you have seen the Iceland itinerary, then you will understand that we were tired. Or as the French Canadians might say, "très fatigué!" But Montréal is a beautiful city and I would love to visit again, sooner rather than later. 

We rented an apartment on the most adorable street of Old Montréal. It was in walking distance of many great sights like Notre Dame and Vieux-Port de Montréal. There was also a charming little bodega on our block, Le Petit Dep, which I have been dreaming of opening in my own neighborhood back in Venice. 

Things we did that we highly recommend

  • Montréal Botanical Garden. This sprawling oasis was beautiful at the tail end of summer. It's close to Olympic Park and the Biodome for a nice day's outing. 

  • Biodome. This is a facility that was recommissioned from the Olympics and houses a unique collection of nature exhibits.

  • Olympic Park. 1976 was when Montréal hosted the Olympics. The architecture of the buildings hasn't exactly aged well, but it's interesting to see nonetheless. 

  • Notre-Dame Basilica. I have a soft spot for beautiful cathedrals with all of the decorative stained glass, candles, and music. 

  • Tyrolienne MTL Zip Line in Vieux-Port de Montréal. This was a blast for the kids. 

  • Mont Royal. This enormous park was green and beautiful in late summer, but it bet the skating rink would also be fun if you're there in the winter. 

Places we ate:

  • Tommy. Best coffee and pastry in Old Montréal.

  • Le Petit Dep. Great for take away and coffee. 

  • Cafe ParvisDelicious pizza in a very cool space. 

  • Bagels St-ViateurMontréal's oldest bagel shop. No seating, but worth it even if you have to stand out front and eat your bagel. 

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